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Bandai Asahi

About Bandai-Asahi Trail

An invitation to the Bandai Asahi Trail

Bandai Asahi National Park is proud to be the second largest range of mountains within Japan, spanning a vast extent from the Dewa Sanzan, Asahi mountain range, Iide mountain range, Mt. Bandai, and Azuma mountain range, all the way to Lake Inawashiro. It is overflowing with beauty, not just from its deep forests, but also from its volcanic regions, lakes and marshes abundant with clean water, as well as from the deep lore and religion surrounding it.
Spanning Yamagata prefecture and Niigata prefecture is the "Dewa Sanzan / Asahi Region", covering the Dewa Sanzan and Asahi mountain range. Ranging from Yamagata prefecture, Niigata prefecture, and Fukushima prefecture is the "Iide Region", primarily featuring the Iide mountain rangen. Traveling from Fukushima prefecture and Yamagata prefecture is the "Bandai Azuma / Inawashiro Region", featuring Mt. Bandai, Mt. Azuma, Mt. Adatara, and Lake Inawashiro. Its overall length reaches more than 500 km, and these three areas with each their own unique characteristics are altogether called the "Bandai-Asahi Trail", a trail which is considered to be long.
Let's go on a mountainous journey!

* Please make sure to check the route before taking the tour


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